Alicia Gibson

Alicia Gibson lives and works in New York City.
Confidence and vulnerability are two important factors in my work. My goal is to be confident in my mark making while vulnerable in my subject matter.
I am definitely not trying to transcend, get at the sublime, nor some universal.
Often, I document what’s going on in my life through a humorous parody. In a sense the paintings are self-portraits, autobiographical in that they include the places where I was raised, my taste in music, travels, TV shows, and books I’ve read. After someone introduces me to a new pop obsession, I find myself wanting to absorb everything about them. If they’re a musician, I listen to them constantly. If a writer, I read all their books until I’m satisfied.
I transform bits of many references into my work to make a new commentary or stance with each detail not only contributing to the overall composition but also making it’s own, often hilarious, point. The work becomes a type of self-conscience irony.
While I use painting vocabulary, the paintings are more about an obsessive tic of the hand. My difficulty with perspective, along with the shake in my hand, creates strangeness, a shift in and out of the picture plane. This creates a constant circulation of the viewer’s eye. In addition, there is a hyper overall attention to detail because it shows the inventive motifs and the brushwork on an intimate level.